Ma cabane à rêves

Ma cabane à rêves

Imagination is limitless.

Rethink the new generation of magnets to cultivate children's creativity!

Ma cabane à rêves's graffiti magnet is:

Interchangeable, create infinite combinations and tell thousands of stories;

Flexible, in order to better grasp the magnet;

Colorful and graphic, awaken creativity;

Meticulously crafted, the cutting is fine and accurate, to ensure that all magnet angles are rounded to ensure safety;

Durable, soft and smooth surface can prevent scratches and fingerprints;

Waterproof, play in the bathtub, and even draw on it with water-erasable crayons;

French art, designed and produced by local designers in France;

Natural, don’t throw away the outer packaging! It can be used as a puzzle, template or cookie cutter! :)

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