Parent-child co-selection concept

Dear Mom and Dad, I believe that we have all encountered similar troubles on the road of parenting. We watched the toys that were not taken apart for a long time at home, and the children naively answered that I have played all of these; the moments emotions when the game encounters difficulties He ran away and said angrily that this toy was really difficult to play; I looked forward to the surprise reaction of the child receiving the gift, just watching him pouting and whispering: Isn't the one I wanted?

We began to think, are parents giving too much? Or is there too little fun that children can get from toys?

I once fell into the same troubles, but I got answers in the process of choosing toys with my son. I discussed with my son several times and respected his final choice. I found that not only the degree of love is particularly obvious, but the concentration and time of playing with toys are also lengthened. The son also cherishes them because he truly feels that he is the owner of the toys.

Returning the right to choose toys to the child coincides with the BLW (baby-led weaning) spirit advocated in Europe and the United States in recent years. BLW advocates returning the control of eating to the baby so that the baby can feel it. The fun of eating, learning to explore food with the mouth, also found that such babies are more courageous to try new things. If we are willing to let babies start from choosing food, why not encourage them to also try to choose their own toys?

Let children join and participate in the selection of toys, and return the final choice of toys to the children. I believe and respect their choice. This is what Dear Kid, advocates " Parents and children choose " concept. We are convinced that in the process of co-selection, children can practice using their brains to think and try to express their preferences; they can learn thoughtfulness and empathy from wrong experiences; they can find confidence and decisiveness in the repeated selection process.

Dear Kid, The products are all selected together with the child. The more you want to give to the child, the more A good choice is to help children find their favorite toys in accordance with high-quality selection standards. Let the children explore in the gentle and boundless freedom of , and learn how to be the owner of toys.

How to play with toys? How to solve a problem? Want to play by yourself or with everyone? What should I do with toys that I don’t want to play with? The learning and growth in these lives will start from letting the child choose a toy of his own.

Children’s life starts with choosing toys every day